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    Wendie’s Top 10 Treasures of Greenville, SC

    Jan 4 | 493 Views | No Comments

    Today I was in mad traffic, in my car with the bright yellow palm-treeless license plate, as a man smiled and waved me over so I could change lanes.  This was an important moment for me as I had flashbacks of rush hour, road construction, blaring horns, and angry drivers north of the Mason-Dixon....

  • greenville sc, downtown greenville sc , reedy river downtown greenville

    Have you ever packed up your life and moved away from your hometown or a town you consider home? Well, it’s been a month since I last posted a recipe. This is far from what I had planned this holiday season, but it has been a big season for me.  Actually, a season of change. [&hellip...

  • malai kofta, coriander indian cuisine, indian food south jersey

    Food Adventures | Coriander

    Oct 12 | 290 Views | No Comments

          image via Coriander  I was grocery shopping this evening and by the time I left the store I was starving, so I yelped an Indian spot to try.  I found this cozy little restaurant, and was excited to spend my Sunday night relaxing curled up on the couch with my favorite comfort...

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    Pantry Doctor Green Smoothie

    Oct 1 | 358 Views | No Comments

    To be honest, I was just throwing stuff in the blender as I do most mornings, and it has never occurred to me to blog about my smoothies.  UNTIL I began to get requests for them.  This one was so amazingly delish, and looked so beautiful that I had to get out my camera and [&hellip...

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Produce Before Pills

This meaning behind this phrase is simple. It's a proven fact that unhealthy nutrition can lead to various severe conditions and illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Eating real foods and getting away from processed, packaged foods can increase our energy, aid in weight loss, and contribute to our overall health. Preventative measures are always more desirable than waiting until health problems occur. Let’s start this journey today and begin by making healthy food choices! -The Pantry Doctor