• monkfish, mango salsa

    Blackened Monkfish with Mango Salsa

    Jun 15 | 7 Views | No Comments

    How do you get through the week? This simple dinner is super easy, and full of flavor.  I am discovering new places to shop and source food after my move to New Jersey.  As I was purusing the fish counter, I came across monkfish.  Known as poor man’s lobster, this meaty fish is more like...

  • easy side dish, winter side dish, butternut squash

    Butternut squash is so flavorful by itself that it barely needs any seasoning.  I know week nights get hectic for most people, and this can be prepared in a half hour or so in the oven.  I make it even quicker by purchasing butternut squash that has been pre-cut.  I mixed it up by adding...

  • u-pick farms, u-pick farms greenville sc

    In season now: U-pick farms in Greenville!

    May 21 | 6 Views | No Comments

      We all love fresh food, and the best way to connect with your family and get healthy is to get kids involved in the process by visiting local U-pick farms. Getting the whole family involved in food gathering and preparation is important for children to learn where food comes from. They are...

  • photo 2-2

    Calling all Teens to the Kitchen!

    Apr 30 | 11 Views | No Comments

    I was asked recently to teach a group of girls how to prepare a healthy meal.  I was excited for this opportunity, and put together a grocery list for the home.  When I arrived through the gated entrance, I was met by several teenage girls.  Some had just arrived from school, and this place is...

The Pantry Doctor, LLC is committed to helping individuals meet their goals by offering a practical approach to nutrition, and empowering people to make lifestyle choices that will improve their health and well-being.

Produce Before Pills

This meaning behind this phrase is simple. It's a proven fact that unhealthy nutrition can lead to various severe conditions and illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Eating real foods and getting away from processed, packaged foods can increase our energy, aid in weight loss, and contribute to our overall health. Preventative measures are always more desirable than waiting until health problems occur. Let’s start this journey today and begin by making healthy food choices! -The Pantry Doctor

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